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The most efficient ship propellers

Our innovation is a direct spin-off from the research work carried out with and by the French navy on the propulsion systems developed for their nuclear submarines. A patent was filed in June 2017 and extended worldwide in 2018.

Our Innovation ..

  • A propeller pump with a stator both upstream and downstream in order to reduce the radial dispersion of the flow.
  • Adjustable tabs on the stators make it possible to adjust the angle of attack on the leading and trailing edges of the propeller blade in optimal positions.
  • These adjustable tabs make it possible to produce an effective reverse thrust which is otherwise impossible for propeller pumps.
  • The optional use of composite materials in the propeller blades makes it possible to use the deformation of the composite for final corrections.
  • Our solution makes the propeller Flow-Reacting to a wide variety of operating conditions

20% gain of efficiency

Following previous research effectuated with and by "DGA-Technique Hydrodinamique" the French ministry of the defence's hydrodynamic institute. The efficiency ratio between the power delivered by the ship's engine and the power required to propel the ship is expected to be in excess of η > 80 %.

Our Goal

Building reliable and cost efficient green tech solutions

About Us

The only solution capable of satisfying the targets of 20% reduction of greenhouse gases as set by the European Commission and IMO for international navigation.

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